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Click on these photos to
view recent videos taken
at The Dog School
Many thanks to Billy van Zyl of
Green Room for the videos!
  Photo Gallery
  An "Invasion" of Yorkies at the Dog School
  Making new friends
GSD pup getting a pat for a job well done
GSD pup learning to heel on lead
  There is always an interesting variety of breeds at the Dog School!
  Golden Retriever pup finding his feet
Labrador pup discovers the tunnel is not so scary after all
Jack Russell pup doing a
rather good "Sit, Stay"
I've done this "Sit, Stay" long enough!
Successful graduates from the Puppy Class Buddies
A ball is a good way of teaching the tunnel!
"Heelwork" in the Senior Class
A "Recall" in the Puppy Class
"Sit Stay" in the Senior Class