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Mike trained his Dobermann, Chui to Test "C" Obedience level and she also qualified CD Ex in 1992.  Mike's Rottweiler, Chumvi, was one of the youngest dogs to qualify the Aptitude Test, passed "Breed Assessment" was rated V under a German judge, qualified CD, Test B Obedience and was a Carting Champion.  Mike's Rottweilers Harambee and Memsaab are both Carting Champions and his Cross Breed, Kali won the Kennel Union of South Africa's National Carting Championship in 2001, 2002 and 2004 and also achieved Grand Carting Champion status.  Mike received EP Colours for his carting achievements with Rottweiler Harambee and Xbreed Kali. Mike trains his Shiba Inus, Sheeba, Susie Wong, Sasa and Fupi for Carting and Obedience. Mike is a Carting Judge, has been on a track laying course, an Assailants course and passed the Kennel Union of South Africa's Obedience Instructors Course on two occasions. Mike has also attended a clicker training course.

Dictated by Baylee and Eli

"Hi there fellow pawsome kids' owners, our Mom, Estelle, has been training at The Dog School since 1996. She had several furkids before us and competed successfully in various disciplines with them. She also takes us to shows where I, Baylee, am now the official supporter and cheer my little brother, Eli, on as he is trying to fill my big paws in the carting ring. He hopes one day to become a KUSA Carting Grand Champion like me."

"Our mom loves to help other furkids' moms and dads, especially in the puppy class. She also walks plenty of furkids daily as their parents are at work."

After initially being a student at The Dog School, with his first Golden Retriever, Ezekiel, Ian continued his membership through to the senior class. He became an assistant to Sue Bromley, one of the senior instructors. Ian trained his second Golden Retriever, Taya through The Dog School programme as well. Ian & Ezekiel got involved in Agility & Dog Jumping and even tried his hand at carting.

Soon another Golden Retriever was added to the pack, named Floyd. Floyd gave much entertainment to those who watched him going through his paces. Today he is still a lively dog. Dogs unfortunately come into one's life and then they leave. Jack was rescued from a situation in Port Elizabeth and then by adoption Ozzy joined the pack.

Ian's dogs all have "Canine Good Citizen's" qualifications and Ian himself is a registered KUSA Instructor, and has attended a Pet Behaviour course.

Ian is currently the secretary of the EP Agility & Dog Jumping sub-committee as well as one of the managing members of the Dog School.

Jerry started his dog training career in January 1980 when he joined the Uitenhage Kennel Club with his German Shepherds, Boris and Babousshka. Two years later he joined the then Eastern Province German Shepherd Dog Club. Both Boris and Babousshka went up to the "C" class at the Kennel Union Obedience Shows and Boris also became a breed champion. Boris and Babousshka were some years later followed by Condor and Abba. Condor made it to the "C" class obedience and also became a breed champion.

Jerry tried his hand at instructing when needed and eventually got into the judging side of things. When the EPGSD Club was taken over by the GSD Federation Jerry left to join the Port Elizabeth KC thus remaining a member of the SA Kennel Union to continue judging, instructing and training his own dog, at that stage a long haired German Shepherd by the name of Munich.

Jerry met his wife Joan at a Uitenhage KC training session in 2001. Eventually they were married and moved to PE. Joan at the time had a German Shepherd called Kanja and they travelled the country both judging and competing. Joan now has two little rescue dogs, one of which she has trained up into the "B" class and is almost ready to move up into the "C" class. Jerry is still to be seen in obedience shows with his current German Shepherd Brubeck. After some 18 or 19 years Jerry eventually joined the Dog School where he now instructs a class of between 10 and 15 dogs on a Saturday afternoon and has more recently for those interested started a Sunday morning class as well.


Janet has been with The Dog School since 2003. She has several dogs who come from Welfare organizations. Janet does a lot of volunteer work for the Animal Anti-Cruelty League and has assisted at several of their "Spayathons".

Misty and Buttons, two of her rescue dogs, also go on street collections with Janet. Janet has attended an Animal Behaviourist course.



Mariette has always loved animals and was actively involved in Dog Jumping during the late 1980's and early 1990's with her rescue dog Peter. Mariette then concentrated on horses, competing in Show Jumping, Showing and Dressage. She also did work/ride training with racehorses. Mariette's skill in training dogs has been proven in training Bailey, a headstrong Jack Russel, to compete in Obedience, Agility and Dog Jumping. About 5 years ago Mariette took over from Elizabeth as Bailey's Dog carting handler. Bailey is now 12 and concentrates on Dog Carting. In August 2018 he competed in Bloemfontein where he was handled by her sister, Estelle, and became the 2018 KUSA Nationals Mini Carting Champion.

Mariette does private dog walking and also enjoys looking after your dog and house while you are away.



Elizabeth received her first puppy, a tiny Pekinese, for her fifth birthday and has loved dogs ever since. She has had a variety of dogs of all shapes and sizes. Her biggest challenge was her special Rottweiler, Zillah, who was a challenge to train, but slowly over the years by persevering and regular training Zillah progressed to receiving her Eastern Province colours for Dog Carting and also received the status of KUSA Carting Champion. Elizabeth believes it is of vital importance to correctly socialise and train your dog.

Elizabeth now has her large, hairy rescue dog, Cuddles, who is learning how to behave and to cart.



Annie Manners is an accredited Animal Behaviourist and works with people in their home enviroment to sort out their doggy problems. She also helps at The Dog School if we have a problem dog where the owners need guidance.

Annie is pictured with her Rhodesian Ridgeback Duncan.



Mitch has been part of the Dog School Family for 25 years with Rottweiler's. At present he has two rescue dogs and is doing training with Grizzly the male Rottie. Mitch is one of the Basic Home Obedience instructors for new dogs and handlers, he likes encouraging them to carry on with training.

His hobbies outside of dog training are Ham Radio (Amateur Radio), gardening, growing Clivia and his own vegetables. Mitch also enjoys doing the work of a Steward for the Senior Judges at Obedience Dog Shows.



Glenda and her husband Henry have three Labradors, Sebastian, Savannah & Mr Harvey. Savannah & Sebastian have now retired from official competitions, both qualified Obedience Class "A" and Savannah proceeded to Class "B". They both have CGC Gold Certificates. Harvey has been awarded a CGC Bronze Certificate. Glenda does Carting with Harvey & Henry takes Harvey to Breed Shows. Sebastian & Savannah are registered Pets as Therapy Dogs and still visit Huis Genot, CP Bradfield Frail Care Centre & Munro Kirk on a regular basis.

Besides her activities with her dogs, Glenda also did competitive Dressage and Showing with her horse Comet Man for 12 years. She is a keen Photographer and has a Diploma in Photography through Intec College and did a course in Digital Photography with Pine Grove Studios. Glenda and Henry have been actively involved with the EP Alfa Romeo Club since 1981 and they run a Laundromat and Electrical Business in Richmond Hill.




Charmaine originally joined The Dog School in 2006 with her daughter and two Lassie Pups Diesel and Kayla. In 2012 she returned to Puppy class with her Rottweiler Orca and later with her adobted Jack Russel Saartjie. Since then she has been taking part in obedience and carting classes at The Dog School. She has been helping out as instructor in the Puppy Class since 2017.