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Welcome to the fun sport of Dog Carting. 

We hope that these pages will give you more

insight into what Dog Carting is and how to go

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Many of the large breeds of dog were once used as draft animals at some point in their histories.  The Rottweiler and St. Bernard were both used to pull loads.  In their native Flanders, Bouviers were used as carting dogs to haul people and produce, such as dairy and baked goods, as well as equipment for mobile tinkers and butchers.  In times of war, Bouviers served the Belgium military as sentries and haulers of machine guns and wounded soldiers. There is a well known picture showing an 1867 scene in New York where a group of ragpickers were using dog-drawn carts for carrying saleable rags collected from the city garbage.



Did you know that the Army's in the first world war (1918) had a 'Canine Corps'.  These dogs pulled massive carts with ammunition and canons on them. They even had a 'Dog Ambulance setup' where dogs pulled wooden type trailers to go and collect the injured Canines.


However, carting is not limited to large dogs. If the load and cart are in proportion to the height, weight and strength of the dog, even small dogs can pull a cart.   Among the smaller dogs pulling carts are Bichon Frises, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Daschunds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Shiba Inus and Miniature Poodles.


Dog Carting is relatively new to South Africa being introduced in 1986 and eventually became an official Kennel Union of Southern Africa event.  Training courses were offered for judges, handlers and dogs.  In 1989 a Saint Bernard, Thorberg Anesta "Bernadette" was awarded the first Dog Carting Champion status getting her third CC.  Carting events are held at championship shows nationwide.

As with the majority of disciplines, to become a champion the dog must qualify Novice Carting and then Senior Carting with 3 CCs obtained at Championship Shows under three different judges.  Unless the dog is exceptional, one is looking at 2 to3 years.

Besides the fun of entering dog shows there are other benefits to carting.   Imagine having help while gardening by loading things into the cart  or shopping (if you live near shops) and the excitement of demonstrations where young children love to be given cart rides and the majority of dogs (even little staffies) can pull a small child.  Carting is good exercise and can improve the dog's stamina and muscle tone (not to mention the handler's).