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Getting Started



It is suggested that a dog should be Novice level Obedience to cart and that any prospective carter goes to a reputable trainer who will have harnesses and carts to lend out as to buy this equipment initially is very expensive and can be off putting. The dog will be checked for its suitability to cart by the trainer and only when one is fully satisfied the dog then has a harness fitted. Let your dog wear the harness for extended periods during everyday activities. Do not leave the dog unattended during these times. A good time to let your dog wear the harness is when you take the dog out for a walk. Once the dog is used to the harness, the trainer (or a helper) will walk alongside the dog pulling the cart. Only when the dog is comfortable with the harness and is not upset by the cart trundling along beside it would there be an attempt to fit the cart to the dog.  The handler is told to constantly encourage the dog and the trainer will stay with the new dog and handler at all times until the dog is steady.


Anyone interested in learning to cart can contact their Provincial Carting Representatives:

Kwazulu Natal
Eastern Province  

Yvonne Taenzer                 

Eleanor Gow
Joan & Mike Saward-Dumbris
Roche & Karen Vermaak

011 8222119
083 7784248 or 031 4624834
041 3602528
082 8999286