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The Canine Good Citizen tests are done at three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold. The CGC tests are recognised by the Kennel Union of SA and dogs that qualify are awarded a KUSA Certificate and a Rosette.

The Bronze level consists of 13 tests. The first two tests are simply to show that you have presented your dog, healthy, clean and groomed and it will let someone like a vet or a groomer examine it and that you can put on a collar and a lead. The other eleven tests range from "Present for Examination on a Lead" through "Reaction to Distractions" to "Lie Down and Stay on Command".

Handlers and Dogs that have been awarded the CGC Bronze Certificate may participate in the CGC Silver Tests. The Silver level consists of 10 tests, including "Road Work", getting in and out of a vehicle, ignoring distractions, food manners and staying in one place and then rejoining the handler.

Handlers and Dogs that have been awarded the CGC Silver Certificate may participate in the CGC Gold Tests. The Gold level also consists of 10 tests, mostly more advanced versions of the Silver tests and also include new tests like stopping the dog at a distance and sending the dog to bed.

The CGC tests have been held at The Dog School on several occasions. Mike and Joan Saward-Dumbris are qualified CGC assessors. The first Gold Tests in South Africa were held at the Dog School on 18 September 2011.

CGC tests at the Dog School 18 September 2011  
The picture above shows most of the handlers and dogs who took part in the various tests on the day.

  Golden Girl! Debbie McFarlane's Golden Retriever "Tappa "
became the first dog in South Africa to be awarded the CGC Gold.
Also in the picture are the assessor Mike Saward-Dumbris and his assistant Annie Manners.
More Gold!

In October Glenda Walters with her Labrador Sebastian, Henry Walters with his Labrador Savanna and Estelle Lamont-Turner with Rottweiler Maxi also achieved CGC Gold status. Congrats to all!